Notable Links: February 5, 2012

“Coming soon in Esquire”: Esquire creates a video trailer for a magazine article. (Media Decoder) Print news media …  Read more.

Notable Links: January 23, 2012

How Esquire Survived Publishing’s Dark Days (NY Times) Kindle Fire is disappointing: Usability guru Jakob Nielsen says it …  Read more.

Notable Links: July 10, 2009 European Publishers Call on E.U. to Protect Copyright – They want better control of—and the chance to …  Read more.

NY Times Upgrades Online Video, Powered By Brightcove

NY Times Upgrades Online Video, Powered By Brightcove

When the New York Times upgrades its whole approach to video, it’s worth noting what’s on the back …  Read more.

Podcasting Explained, in Plain English

Need to explain podcasting to your mother? Or maybe just get a better grip on the concept yourself? …  Read more.

Tagging & Social Bookmarking Explained

Tagging and social bookmarking are handy tools that enable users to re-organize the Web for their personal use. …  Read more.

Video Ads Online Prompt Users to Act

The Online Publishers Association reports that video ads prompt Web users to act–even, in some cases, to buy. …  Read more.

Publication Sites That Transcend Print:

Publication Sites That Transcend Print:

How do you make a publication Web site transcendent? The basic strategy is simple, even if the execution …  Read more.

Book Publishers Adopt “Search Inside” and Video

Several book publishers are adopting Web-savvy marketing strategies, the N.Y. Times reports. Harper Collins is introducing a “Browse …  Read more.