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Does Farmed Content Threaten “Wild-Caught” Journalism?

My Smithsonian pal Beth Py-Lieberman hipped me to a piece from Time magazine about Demand Media, which is …  Read more.

Stanford Writers Workshop for Book Authors and Magazine Journalists

Stanford Writers Workshop for Book Authors and Magazine Journalists

Magazine writers and book authors: Wouldn’t you like to spend two days this summer honing your craft, learning …  Read more.

Wired Magazine's Story Behind the Story

Wired Magazine’s Story Behind the Story

Wired.com has posted the final entry of its Storyboard blog, which followed the magazine’s design and edit staff …  Read more.

See You at a Summer Publishing Conference

$1,500 Discount to Stanford Course We’ll be teaching again this July at the the Stanford Professional Publishing Course, …  Read more.

How to Write Text Links (Think Display Copy)

If your site uses a conventional, easily recognized visual scheme for text links—and it should—the words making up …  Read more.

Perfecting the Paragraph

Here are the keys to well-built paragraphs: A paragraph should have only one point. Structure a paragraph to …  Read more.

The Well-Structured Sentence

Great articles are built of great sentences. Here’s some assembly advice from a recent editing workshop we presented …  Read more.

Confused About a Word? Check “Confusing Words”

Editor’s pop quiz: When do you use "lie" rather than "lay"? What about "capital" as opposed to "capitol"? …  Read more.

Promote Content With Clear Headlines & Social Links

It’s not enough to simply publish content on the Web and hope that the audience will come. You …  Read more.

Washington Post Explores New “Digital Avenues”

“If circulation is dropping,” says Washington Post sports reporter Barry Svrluga, “and we’re trying to figure out how …  Read more.