Dwell magazineProduct Development & Launching »

Whether you’re launching a new magazine, website, book, app, newspaper, e-newsletter, or other content-based product, we’ll help you define the concept and bring it to reality. Learn more.

Greater Good websiteCritiques & Assessments »

We’ll evaluate strengths and weaknesses and we’ll recommend specific improvements to whatever you’re working on in the realm of print and digital publications. Learn more.

UCLA magazine re-positioningRevamping, Repositioning, Redesigning »

We can advise you through the process of remaking your publication or website to be more effective, engaging, and user-friendly or to align with changing audiences and goals. Learn more.

Acoustic Guitar websitePrint-to-Web & Multiplatform Strategy »

Based on your target audience and business goals, we’ll devise a plan to deploy your content and extend your brand to the print and digital platforms that make sense. Learn more.

Dwell magazine direct mail packagePromotion & Marketing »

We plan and build out promotional efforts in whatever form is appropriate, including direct mail campaigns, promotional prototypes, social media, search engine optimization, and e-newsletters. Learn more.

Generocity websiteManagement Consulting »

For executives who may feel “lonely at the top,” we offer a fresh perspective, serve as temporary colleagues for reality checks and brainstorming, and advise on managing change. Learn more.

Cooking Light magazineStaff Training & Facilitating »

We develop and present custom seminars, provide one-on-one coaching, and facilitate meetings and retreat programs. Learn more.

VIA magazineRecruiting »

With an extensive network in the industry and considerable experience hiring staffs, we can help define the job and find the right person to fill it. Learn more.