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Navigenics website For this web launch, we assisted in defining and filling the key position of content director.

Hiring good people is critical for success, but it’s hard to find the time for a thorough search when you’re cranking out content and managing your current staff. We’ve been hiring writers, editors, art directors, designers, production managers, programmers, and producers for years, first for our own operations, then more recently for our clients.

VIA magazineWe helped VIA magazine fill four key positions. Said the editor, “The hires have worked out so well that we’re light-years ahead in meeting deadlines and having an orderly production cycle.”

Unlike the big recruiting firms, we have personal contacts throughout the industry, we understand these jobs in detail, and we know how to judge not only skills but also chemistry. We’ll get you a solid short list, then help you make the perfect pick.

We’ve recruited new hires and advised on staffing at all job levels for such clients as, VIA, String Letter Publishing, Afar,, Dwell, and the Packard Foundation.


  • Advise on job description
  • Solicit candidates through our personal network
  • Evaluate applications, résumés, references
  • Assess samples of work
  • Interview applicants
  • Consult with you on the final choice

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