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Dwell magazineWe helped launch Dwell, now a nationally recognized magazine of modern home design.

Do you have an idea for a new magazine, a newsletter, or a book? Do you need to build a website, dream up an app for smartphones and tablets, or create a periodic e-mail publication? As veteran launchers, we can help determine your distinctive niche, define content and presentation, set up processes and staffs, and even prepare budgets.

We Wanted to Be Writers websiteWe advised WW2BW on strategy, then built a website to market the book & form a writers’ community.

We’ve invented and launched clients’ projects in a wide range of subject areas, for different target audiences, and in a variety of print and digital forms. These include the award-winning magazines Dwell, Afar, Health, and University Business as well as websites and online products for We Wanted to Be Writers, AOL’s Thrive, Navigenics, Afar (corporate), and Essential Surgical Techniques.


  • Develop or refine your initial concept
  • Research audience’s needs and preferences
  • Analyze competition
  • Devise a content strategy and editorial blueprint
  • Produce sample content and prototype
  • Create requirements documents and RFPs for digital developers
  • Evaluate and advise on proposals from vendors
  • Set processes and staff structure for content and production
  • Prepare content and production budget estimates
  • Promote via direct mail, e-mail, social media, search engine optimization
  • Recruit key staff
  • Advise on complementary multiplatform strategy
  • Editorial coaching for book authors
  • Low-cost, quick WordPress website launch (for hosting, we like

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