Portfolio / Acoustic Guitar Magazine: Repositioning & Coaching

Acoustic Guitar magazine

The management of Acoustic Guitar asked our help in repositioning the magazine to respond to changing market conditions and certain negative business indicators. Over a period of six months we worked closely with the editor to redefine the audience, adjust the editorial approach, and modify the content formula.

We coached the editor through production of a repositioning blueprint to document these changes in detail and to plan the content lineup for the relaunch issue. In addition, we advised the editor during production of the first revamped issue and provided feedback on the finished product.


  • From the images and promotional copy on the cover to the choice of subjects and the writing style inside, the relaunched magazine projected an identity that spoke more directly to the target audience and focused sharply on their high-priority areas of interest.
  • Critical business measures improved quickly, including newsstand sales, paid subscriptions, and advertising.

“Michael and Susan were invaluable in helping our entire organization think about Acoustic Guitar in a new way during our repositioning. They gently guided all of us toward a more thorough understanding of what service journalism is, and taught us how to consistently and successfully deliver high-quality service-oriented content on multiple platforms. We’re better editors and a more solid magazine because of Michael’s and Susan’s insight and coaching.”

Dan Gabel
Group Publisher & Editorial Director
Acoustic Guitar

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