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UCLA magazineWe helped re-define UCLA and guided its makeover into much more than an alumni magazine. 

Maybe you want to reach a different audience and need to change your content accordingly. Maybe you’ve decided to improve and expand on one aspect of what you’re doing to make it your primary offering. Or maybe you’ve noticed that you’ve drifted away from your original goals and need to course-correct before readers or users start drifting, too.

New England Journal of MedicineBased on our suggestions, NEJM revamped its e-newsletter to more effectively pull in Web visitors.

Whether your product is a magazine, a website, or a digital application, we can help you figure out what to renovate and how. And we’ll work with you and your staff to draw up an action plan and put the changes into place. We’ve helped revamp publications and digital products for, among others, The New England Journal of Medicine, Edutopia, Discovery Communications, UCLA, Acoustic Guitar, Cardiology, The Jury Expert, and EyeNet.


  • Critique the publication, website, or app
  • Assess whether content fits your business strategy and your audience’s needs
  • Facilitate discussions with your team to agree on new directions
  • Create a repositioning or redesign plan
  • Produce sample content, mock-ups, prototypes
  • Analyze staffing and processes
  • Develop workshops to build new skills
  • Work with staff members and managers to implement changes

Can we help you improve or revamp your website, magazine, or other content-driven product? Please get in touch.

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