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Generocity websiteWe helped’s founder with such pre-launch issues as content assessment, staffing, and processes.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could summon up a seasoned colleague who has faced challenges like yours? Maybe you need a solid editor to help you develop a compelling lineup of stories for next year. Or a content expert to offer a second opinion on proposed changes to your magazine or website.

Maybe you want a fellow brainstormer to help dream up a viable online extension of your print brand. Or maybe you’re looking for an experienced team leader to review a critical management move or advise you through a new initiative.

Acoustic Guitar magazineWhen AG’s associate publisher took on a key editorial role, we advised him through the transition.

Having helped create, overhaul, or direct dozens of publications, websites, and other content-driven products, we’re ready to lend our expertise. We’ve assisted such clients as Generocity, Acoustic Guitar, EyeNet, FitLinxx, VIA, Asiatica, UCLA, and Stanford magazine.


  • On-call advice and “reality checks” as issues come up
  • Quick critique of a whole publication or a specific section, an entire website or a particular application
  • Assess whether the content strategy aligns with the business strategy
  • React to planning documents
  • Coach managers whose roles and skill requirements are changing
  • Advise on staffing, job definitions, and editorial and content production processes
  • Evaluate candidates for key positions (see recruiting)

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