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10 Tips for Launching Almost Anything

Afar magazine's Spin the Globe department

Tip #6: Entertain yourself (as we did in inventing departments for Afar magazine).

Recently I spoke to a meeting of the Left Coast Writers at the Book Passage in Corte Madera, California. The topic was “How to Launch—a magazine, a story, a writing career…whatever.” Below, in a nutshell, are my 10 tips.

If you’re interested in more detail, feel free to download a PDF version of my full presentation, which is based in part on the process we went through in launching Afar magazine. And, if you’re launching something right now, or you just finished, let me know if you have any tips you’d like to share.

How to Launch Anything

  1. Size up the competition
  2. Picture your audience
  3. Clarify your goals
  4. Build a clear structure
  5. Use specifics
  6. Entertain yourself (but don’t indulge)
  7. Show your passion
  8. Maintain flexibility
  9. Zoom in, zoom out
  10. Check your gut

Download PDF: 10 Tips for LaunchingPDF download