Guerilla User Testing: Give Your Site a Reality Check

Guerilla User Testing: Give Your Site a Reality Check

There’s no head slap like the head slap you give yourself while watching an innocent visitor stumble through …  Read more.

The Assignment Letter, An Editor’s Best Friend

Update: Ever since this article first appeared on our site back in 2004, it has consistently drawn more …  Read more.

Tip #6: Entertain yourself (like we did in launching Afar).

10 Tips for Launching Almost Anything

Recently I spoke to a meeting of the Left Coast Writers at the Book Passage in Corte Madera, …  Read more.

Tapping the Power of Social Media (MagsU 2009)

Tapping the Power of Social Media (MagsU 2009)

How should publishers be using microblogs, social networks, wikis, and similar social media tools? I explored that question …  Read more.

How to Write Text Links (Think Display Copy)

If your site uses a conventional, easily recognized visual scheme for text links—and it should—the words making up …  Read more.

Nine Steps to a Successful Website Redesign

1. Read the tea leaves | 2. Set goals | 3. Get the big buy-in | 4. Spin …  Read more.

Perfecting the Paragraph

Here are the keys to well-built paragraphs: A paragraph should have only one point. Structure a paragraph to …  Read more.

The Well-Structured Sentence

Great articles are built of great sentences. Here’s some assembly advice from a recent editing workshop we presented …  Read more.

Four Mistakes Web Sites Still Make, And How to Fix Them

Next month at Stanford’s Publishing on the Web Conference, we’ll be giving a talk titled “10 Mistakes Web …  Read more.

The Rewrite Letter, a Model for Editors

We (editors) have all been there. The first draft of the article you assigned comes in off-target. It’s …  Read more.