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Dwell magazine - beach retreats
A first-time publisher asked our help in launching a new magazine on modern home architecture. We researched potential readers, analyzed competition, fleshed out the concept, and wrote a 100-page blueprint to define the new magazine’s contents and to guide future staff. We then created a direct mail test package, worked up a staff structure and budget, and recruited the chief editor and managing editor. 


  • A year after its successful launch, Dwell won several national awards and doubled its rate base to 100,000. Its current circulation is 325,000.
  • Dwell continues to win awards and create buzz. It has developed a national reputation as a magazine that champions an aesthetic in home design that is modern, idea-driven, and sensitive to social and physical surroundings.
  • Research shows Dwell’s readers are educated, affluent (median household income $118,000) and engaged (spending 60 minutes with an issue, 88% taking action based on what they read).

“Susan and Michael helped turn my ideas into a clear, concise editorial blueprint, much of which we continue to use. Their direct mail piece is still our control package and garners results far above the industry standard.”

Lara Hedberg Deam
founder and publisher, Dwell

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