Food and Environment Stories Wanted

Food and Environment Stories Wanted

If you report on food, agriculture, and environmental health issues, you need to know about a new outfit …  Read more.

Notable Links: February 19, 2012

The problem with non-profit journalism: Says Jeff Jarvis, “I’m not against not-for-profit, charitably supported journalism any more than …  Read more.

Notable Links: February 5, 2012

“Coming soon in Esquire”: Esquire creates a video trailer for a magazine article. (Media Decoder) Print news media …  Read more.

Notable Links: May 16, 2010

iPad usability: First findings from user testing: iPad apps commit some of the same errors as early Web …  Read more.

Notable Links: March 20, 2010

ABC Redefines Digital Magazine: Planning for the move from print to digital e-reading devices, the Audit Bureau of …  Read more.

Does Farmed Content Threaten “Wild-Caught” Journalism?

My Smithsonian pal Beth Py-Lieberman hipped me to a piece from Time magazine about Demand Media, which is …  Read more.

Ad Execs to Supervise Editors–a Really Bad Idea

Here's a scary juxtaposition of articles about the upheaval in the publishing industry–or maybe it's a useful warning …  Read more.

Notable Links: July 10, 2009 European Publishers Call on E.U. to Protect Copyright – They want better control of—and the chance to …  Read more.

Notable Links: June 12, 2009 Magazine Researchers Explore New Ways to Weigh Ad Impact – Much needed–but only incremental–improvements. It's still a …  Read more.

Magazine for Newspapers Quits Print;One on Luxury Guitars Starts Up

Magazine for Newspapers Quits Print;
One on Luxury Guitars Starts Up

Presstime, the magazine of the Newspaper Association of America, has just published its last issue in print. Beginning …  Read more.