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We Wanted to Be Writers website

We were asked to help create a digital presence for a new book that offers advice, insights, and reminiscences from former classmates at the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Based on the authors’ goals and the book’s brand attributes, we helped formulate a strategy to promote sales by launching a marketing website centered on a group blog.

We designed and built the website and blog (by customizing a simple WordPress theme), advised on the blog’s content strategy and publishing schedule, and coached site managers on promotion using social media and a regular e-mail newsletter.


  • The site launched in January 2011, successfully generating seven months of pre-publication interest before the book was released.
  • Many of the high-visibility Iowa Workshop alumni are continuing to share their thoughts about creative writing and the “lit biz” on the group blog. As hoped, the blog has morphed into an active discussion area and online community for practitioners, teachers, students, and fans of writing.
  • Roughly one year after it launched, the site was attracting nearly 1,000 unique visitors per month and its associated Twitter presence had gained more than 1,600 followers.

“It was an amazing collaboration: Michael listened intently and seemed to know where we wanted to go before we did. His deep knowledge of print and digital publishing and his visionary exploration of creative possibilities produced a vibrant site in which we take both pride and pleasure.”

Cheryl Olsen
Web Goddess, We Wanted to Be Writers

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