Notable Links: March 13, 2010

Five Basic Things Authors Should Do Online: Good advice to help writers (and others!) get started in social …  Read more.

It's Hard for Brands to Make "Friends" on Facebook

It’s Hard for Brands to Make “Friends” on Facebook

Today’s New York Times Digital Domain column describes the challenges and offers cautionary tales in using social media …  Read more.

Twitter Stars on TV News

Twitter Stars on TV News

The microblogging tool Twitter now has its own television show, sort of. CNN’s wired anchor guy Rick Sanchez …  Read more.

Promote Content With Clear Headlines & Social Links

It’s not enough to simply publish content on the Web and hope that the audience will come. You …  Read more.

Make Your Message Memorable

Why won’t that ridiculous urban legend about kidney kidnappers ever die? There are several good reasons, all of …  Read more.